SP series

All SP-Spreaders are fitted with double, vertical beaters. These were designed in collaboration with end users for the application of heavy and compact materials. Therefore the SP-concept is an excellent choice for high amounts of output. The spreader can be fitted with a fixed lower deflector as well as a distribution device for lighter materials. The low tractive effort required leads to reduced fuel consumption, making the spreaders very economical to use.

As is the case with all SAMSON AGRO equipment, the SP-Spreaders are produced using high strength steel. Which ensures extreme robustness with low weight. The linear conical designed box of the SP-Spreader is unique. It guarantees a natural flow of the spreadable material to the spreading device ensuring optimal output rates. The inside top width of 2m gives an impressive load capacity. The front side is fitted with a wide mesh grid, allowing good visibility for the driver.

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