US series

The SAMSON US series offers a wide range of unique features and solutions, making it one of the largest spreaders on the market with a very high capacity, dosing precision and versatility.

The SpreadMaster 8500 control system provides full control of the machine and its functions. It ensures even dosing and provides optimal utilization of nutrients in the material. When the control system is combined with load cells, dosage will be extremely accurate and provide even better utilization of the nutrients in the material. The SpreadMaster 8500 also allows dosing and documentation based on an application map as well as static and dynamic weighing.

SAMSON US is available in a 2-axle and 3-axle version, US 2 and US 3. US 2 in 3 volume sizes from approx. 23 to 35 cubic meters. US 3 in 3 volume sizes from approx. 28 to 40 cubic meters.

US 223 US 227 US 235 US 328 US 333 US 340