PG II series

PG II slurry tankers have been developed for the professional users of slurry application equipment, who have vigorous requirements for the capacity, efficiency, durability and reliability of the machines, but also for their ease of use and maintenance The PG II series offers many new exciting features designed to take it many years into the future.

The PG II slurry tankers have a very simple but robust construction. An optional extra is hydraulic suspension on the drawbar that can absorb the shocks that propagate to the tanker from the tractor. The tank is placed horizontally on two through-going strong profiles. The tank is also supplied with three anti-surge partitions for improved stability, even when carrying smaller loads. This type of construction gives a very strong and stable tanker that allows for a faster drive both in the field and on the road and in this way makes the application of slurry easier and faster.

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* Actual m3 depends on selected filling equipment etc.