SP 15


All SP-Spreaders are fitted with double, vertical beaters. These were designed in collaboration with end users for the application of heavy and compact materials. Therefore the SP-concept is an excellent choice for high amounts of output. The spreader can be fitted with a fixed lower deflector as well as a distribution device for lighter materials. The low tractive effort required leads to reduced fuel consumption, making the spreaders very economical to use.

As is the case with all our equipment, the SP-Spreaders are produced using high strength steel. Which ensures extreme robustness with low weight. The linear conical designed box of the SP-Spreader is unique. It guarantees a natural flow of the spreadable material to the spreading device ensuring optimal output rates. The inside top width of 2m gives an impressive load capacity. The front side is fitted with a wide mesh grid, allowing good visibility for the driver.

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Miroslav Rožánek
Karlovy Vary – Rybáře

Czech rep.

 Miroslav Rozanek 008.JPG

Since 2001 the company manages 93 ha of agricultural land of which 20 ha is arable land and the rest is grassland. We also have cattle without milk production. The company also makes contract work in the area field forage.

Since 2007 we expanded our services to also include muck spreading. We were then looking for a muck spreader. We have tried a few different brands, but we had always had the feeling that we needed something better. After that we had accidentally learned that the sales network of Massey Ferguson started working with the Danish firm Samson Agro. We then agreed on a two-day trial use of a Samson SP15 with the local dealer and we were very impressed. I can admit that we tested the muck spreader very well app. 50 loads, but already after the second load, we were convinced that this was exactly what we were looking for. A Samson SP15 was the machine which we bought in December 2007.

The SP15 has a spreading width of 12 m, which may seem too narrow for someone but the spreading pattern is so uniform, that this width is the actual spread and this is without overlaps. And regarding the very small pieces the muck is torn into, the machine has absolutely no competitors!

Another advantage of the machine is the high resistance to stones from the muck getting into the spreading beaters. This is achieved because of the highest quality machinery and by the unique construction of the spreading equipment.

After 5 years of usage of the Samson SP15 in contract work, the machine has loaded 8900 loads, which is about 133,500 t of muck. We have had no breakings on the machine. We have exchanged the wear parts like the deflectors and the cutting knives on the spreading beaters.

The wear of the cutting knives depends on the amount of stones in muck. On average, we exchange a knife-set after each 300 to 400 loads. With muck without stones we have tried to make 620 loads before we had to exchange the cutting knives. So far we have exchanged 9 chain links in the bottom chain also caused by lots of stones. Before the last season, we exchanged the front axle and bearings in the wheels. The SP15 is working with our tractor of 180 horse power.

Because SP15 has only one axle and it is located in the rear of the machine, the machine has extremely good handling capabilities in hilly terrains, because the tractor is constantly loaded.
Because the muck spreader does a perfect spreading job, we constantly increase the number of satisfied customers.

Last season we had a big challenge in order to serve all our customers within the most favorable arable periods. This was the main reason why we bought another SP15  in September 2012. With this machine, we have already made 750 loads, which is app.11.250 t of muck. The average diesel consumption is 4-5Ll per load. On arable land, the daily efficiency is 40 to 50 loads, and when the distance is 4 - 6 km to the muck pile, then the daily efficiency is 15 to 20 loads.

Finally, I would emphasize that the muck spreader (but also the slurry tankers) of company Samson Agro have no serious threat on the market, in terms of quality, material strength, technical ability and efficiency.

I wish the company Samson Agro many more happy customers...

Miroslav Rožánek