SHB4 Series

The completely new SAMSON SHB4 boom construction offers plenty of innovation and a compact and integrated design. As the name suggests, it is built with four distributors.

SHB4 30 m is available i two versions, one standard and one compact (C) model, which is only 3 m wide in transport width.

The SHB4 36 m boom is available in four versions with different working widths and folded size during transport.

SHB4 30 m (18-24-27-28-30) folded at 18 m SHB4 30 m C (18-24-27-28-30) folded at 18 m SHB4 36 m (24-30-36) folded at 24 m SHB4 36 m (20-24-30-36) folded at 20 m