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September 2016 - The PG Slurry Tanker Retires – PG II Takes Over

After 16 years’ production of PG slurry tankers the delivery of the last PG slurry tanker was celebrated recently by a party for SAMSON AGRO employees.

SAMSON AGRO started the production of the PG slurry tankers in 2000 and since then approx. 2,000 units have left the factory.

“The PG slurry tanker has performed really well through all these years. It is remarkable that it has performed for so many years – of course with updates from time to time. But we must admit that it was designed correctly right from the start. We are very proud of the fact that these tankers have spread millions and millions of m³ of slurry in all these years”, says Lars Henriksen, Managing Director of SAMSON AGRO.

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July 2016 - PG 25 is replaced by the PG II 25

SAMSON AGRO’s most popular slurry tanker, the PG 25, is now being replaced by the PG II 25, which is a brand new slurry tanker. PG II 21 replaces the PG 21. The production of the rest of the PG series is stopped

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October 2015 - New robust slurry incorporator

We are launching a new 4.5 m wide, very compact and robust slurry incorporator, ST3 450 HD, in the effort to offer a wider range of different sizes of incorporators that satisfy the r
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SAMSON AGRO appoints new Sales and Marketing Manager

Torben Larsen was recently appointed Sales and Marketing Manager at SAMSON AGRO.

During his mechanical engineering degree, he specialised in agricultural machinery.

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February 2015 - New slurry injector for use in heavy stubble fields

SAMSONAGRO is launching a new slurry injector, SD, which has been developed specifically for the optimal injection of slurry using disc harrow techniques. So it is not just a disc harrow
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September 2014 - SAMSON AGRO improves the FLEX spreader

SAMSON AGRO improves the FLEX spreader

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August 2014 - SAMSON AGRO launches 2-axle PGII

SAMSON AGRO launches 2-axle PGII

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