SG 28


SG slurry tankers are available in two models, SG 23 with 22.6 m³ tank volume and SG 28 with 27.8 m³ tank volume.

The swan neck (draw bar) coupling in the SG Series was developed to transfer more weight from full tanks onto the towing tractor. For example with the SG 28 in operation with a full tank, more than 10 tonnes in weight is displaced on the 110 mm draw ball of the towing tractor. The traction of the tractor is increased, with improved weight distribution of the tractor and slurry tanker in the field.

Like all SAMSON slurry tankers, the SG tanker is very compact. The axles are positioned far back, the whole vehicle from tractor and slurry tanker is easy to manoeuvre and is very agile, even small field areas can be served well. The swan neck coupling is height adjustable and can therefore be easily adapted for use with different tractors where the drawbar ball is positioned at different heights.

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Some of our happy customers have published a video of the SG 28 on YouTube - Have a look!