The FLEX spreader series is designed for professional users with high demands for reliability and low machine maintenance costs.

The FLEX spreader is available in versions FLEX16, FLEX19, FLEX20 and FLEX23. The FLEX19 and FLEX 23 correspond to the FLEX16 and FLEX20 respectively, but these models also have an additional side extension. With a rounded, half meter high top, the wagon can offer 16, 19, 20 and 23 m3 of storage capacity respectively.

The FLEX16 and FLEX19 are single axle machines. The FLEX20 and 23 are provided with a bogie axle.

FLEX Brochure (pdf)

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Oragro s.r.o.
Oravské Veselé



Oragro company has been specializing in the Slovak agricultural market on the contract work with modern and efficient agricultural technology, the full focus mainly on the forage and grain crops.
Other types of contract work, that the company offers is in the field of seed, tillage, spreading of chemical fertilizer, organic manure and lime, mowing and presses the food plants and other agro-technical activities.

Oragro company is dedicated to its subsidiaries (Turiec-agro, Oragro-V, Roľnícke družstvo Vavrečka - Ťapešovo) and agricultural production in the areas of Bardejov Vranov Topľou, Žilina, Martin and Námestovo. The total agricultural area is about 7.100 ha. Oragro employs 40 workers and the subsidiaries included then the total number is 210 employees.The agricultural services company Oragro has app. 180 customers.

The Samson FLEX16 muck spreader we bougth of the Samson dealer AGRO TRADE GROUP sro 2011. Until then, we had worked with the following manure spreaders:
- Muck spreader Annaburger 20C04 - 1 unit.
- Change system Annaburger HTS 20A79 - 2 units.

Within two years, we have spread app. 3.600 t with the Samson FLEX16 muck spreader. While working, the muck spreading is guided by a navigation system, which is used in tractors on a constant basis. Within two seasons, the FLEX16 has worked without any problems and breaks. It has a strong and robust constructed spreading equipment which ensures a very low degree of down time. Small objects such as rocks, pieces of rock, etc. does not damage the transmission, not even the cutting knives that we have changed after two seasons because of wear and not because of any damage. Minor disturbances have been caused only by rocks and concrete pieces.

The spreading picture quality is excellent, it is uniform, the muck is torn into the smallest pieces and our customers are very positive. The FLEX16 has a very high daily output capacity.

In contractor services we do not always have ideal conditions to work in, often we have to work in a difficult terrain, in the rain, in greater slopes, but even under these difficult conditions the efficiency of the FLEX16 muck spreader is ensured, because even under these conditions the weigth load on to the tractor is optimal.

Our Samson FLEX16 muck spreader is fully living up to our expectations and to the satisfaction of our customers.

Ing Martin Ingeli
Manager for the services of tractors