TS 8

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Basic injector with 8 sections and 32 discs.

TS 8 single disc injectors are designed to achieve optimal utilisation of the slurry’s fertilization value in more crop types and soil conditions.

The TS 8 injector is constructed in sections, which together with the depth adjustment ensure a uniform working depth when the slurry is injected in the grooves created by the single discs. The sections are 1 metre wide with 8 individual disc sections, each mounted on the main frame with a pivoting point. This gives the injector more flexibility when cornering as well as in hilly terrain. Each section has four single discs requiring minimal maintenance and precise individual ADS (anti-drip stop) functionality that minimises start/stop times, ensuring high application accuracy.

The injector has a relatively low net weight of 2,650 kg due to the high quality, high strength materials. It is also equipped with the well-known SAMSON distributor, which has a high capacity and strong wear parts.

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