November 2017 - The big machines are coming to Agritechnica

SAMSON AGRO will be exhibiting the new PG II 28 slurry tanker and the new SHB4 36 metre drip hose boom for the first time in the German market

SAMSON AGRO will be participating at this year's Agritechnica with one of the large sets from the company's catalogue of slurry tankers and implements. The Danish company show the newly launched PG II 28 and the new 36 metre drip hose boom (SHB4 36m). Customers have already given a good reception to the new slurry tanker, which was launched and released for sale in July 2017. The new drip hose boom has not yet been totally released, is has only been sold in a limited number as Pre-series, but SAMSON AGRO is experiencing a great deal of interest for the coming season.

"The boom has received very positive reviews from customers who have used the first Pre-series machines. It has been praised for its compact design, its folding system and not least for its large capacity and new features, such as the Dual Pass Application (DPA). A large number of Pre-series machines will be out running for the coming season", says Torben Larsen, Sales and Marketing Manager at SAMSON AGRO.

"The large set for slurry application is also one of the reasons why SAMSON AGRO's stand at this year's Agritechnica will be the biggest it has ever been. One wing of the boom will be folded out in its full length on one side of the slurry tanker, and on the other side the wing will be folded in, in its transportation position, so we can demonstrate the compact transport width, which never exceeds 3.3 metres. But to do this, we need a very large stand", he says.

Major investment abroad

He is looking forward to presenting the set to an international audience.

"We have brought all our salespeople to Hannover from all our markets to receive the many customers we are expecting during the exhibition. Customers from Spain, Canada, China and Japan have already announced their arrival. SAMSON is working hard to develop our network of dealers in several European as well as overseas markets. We are experiencing growing demand for our products in a number of markets and are noticing a trend towards larger machines with greater application capacity. Environmental requirements also play an important role in the choice of slurry tankers and implements. For example, these requirements mean that a larger volume of slurry has to be applied earlier, and that injection is required to a larger extent. These are requirements that SAMSON AGRO has extensive experience of from the domestic market in Denmark".

The perfect implement tanker

The new PG II 28 slurry tanker is replacing the PG II 27.

"The development of slurry implements has accelerated in recent years, and customer demands for complete flexibility to choose filling systems, regardless of the implement, have been intensifying, not least in international markets. This explains why the new tanker has been lengthened by 35 cm to provide more space for large drip hose booms. However, the PG II 28 tanker has also been updated in a number of areas, so it matches the requirements of professional users", says Søren Mejlstrup Jensen, Product Manager for slurry tankers and implements.

More track systems

"The new 36 metre boom from SAMSON AGRO has a brand new compact boom design which offers lots of innovative thinking, so it differs significantly from other booms on the market. There are fewer hose metres and a faster reaction time to the start and stop functions. The two wings can be adjusted up and down independently of each other, so they always follow the surface of the soil and the hoses always stay in contact with the soil, so the slurry does not splash out from a greater or lower height, resulting in the increased emission of ammonia and reduced utilisation of nutrients in the slurry", explains Søren Mejlstrup Jensen.

He points out that the development Engineers by SAMSON AGRO basically have emphasised the importance of optimising slurry application while reducing mechanical complexity.

The boom and boom functions are monitored constantly via sensors – such as angle gauges – in order to minimise faulty operation during folding and when driving in the field. The sensors also ensure that the boom will never exceed the working width during folding. So there is no problem folding the boom along a road or windbreak.

1:32 models also available

SAMSON AGRO has entered a partnership with the Italian model producer Ros to produce two sets of slurry tankers including implements. The first model, a PG II 25 with SD 700 disc incorporator, was launched a couple of months ago, while the second model, a PG II 35 with 36 metre SHB4 drip hose boom, will be launched at Agritechnica. It will therefore be sold for the first time on the stand at Agritechnica – and of course in the SAMSON AGRO webshop, which is easy to find on the company's website. The two sets will retail at 180 euros each.

Other machines at the trade fair

“SAMSON AGRO will also be exhibiting a selection of our incorporators/injectors for both black soil and grass at Agritechnica. We will also be demonstrating brand new products from the filling and spreading range. New control systems for spreaders will also be on show”, Torben Larsen lists.

Calculate the value of your slurry

"At the exhibition we will also be focusing on the correct application and utilisation of slurry and manure. In the middle of the stand, customers will have the opportunity to obtain a qualified calculation of the fertilizer value of their yearly slurry production in their own husbandry. The value will depend on for example the storage conditions, application technique and time of application. We are therefore inviting customers to visit our stand to chat with our expert in this field. He will be able to help you calculate the value of your slurry under optimal conditions, compared with what it really is, because conditions are never optimal by the customer”, says Torben Larsen.