September 2019 - Silver Medal AGRITECHNICA 2019 for new SAMSON "NPK Sensor"

SAMSON AGRO A/S has been awarded a silver medal for the news "NPK sensor" at AGRITECHNICA 2019.

For the very first time, at AGRITECHNICA 2019, SAMSON AGRO A/S presents a preview of its new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) sensor system - for precise real time measurements of nutrients in natural fertilizer. The sensor will be available through a mobile system integrated in SAMSON PG II slurry tankers that takes out representative slurry samples for analysis real time.

Technology from MR scanners  

In order to minimize environmental impact and to optimize crop production, precise knowledge of the actual content of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) in natural fertilizer is essential.

“Powered by revolutionizing 1 - 70 MHz multi frequency magnetic resonance technology, this sensor technique is able to reliably measure the concentration of species at the atomic level – the accuracy and reliability of the measurements are superior to other in-line measuring technologies and compatible with tedious laboratory measurements”,says developer of the Tveskaeg NMR sensor Ole Jensen, CEO NanoNord A/S. “The method is based on years of frontline NMR development with focus on real time measurements”, continues Professor Niels Chr. Nielsen, CTO at NanoNord A/S.

The new NPK sensor unit analyzes the content in natural fertilizer with a precision never seen before outside laboratory conditions. This takes precision farming with regards to distribution of natural fertilizers to the next level, including new possibilities for precise documentation, crop optimized variable distribution and trade in natural fertilizer.

“Today, the amount of NPK nutrients delivered to the fields through application of animal slurry is mainly determined on the basis of standard values based on general information on animal and housing type, without accurate knowledge of the potential fertilizer value or environmental impact. We are very proud to show this new precision sensor as an alternative to already available measuring systems” says Torben Larsen, Head of sales by SAMSON AGRO A/S.

High-precision quantitative measurements of all NPK-sensitive isotopes

With the introduction of the SAMSON AGRO NPK sensor it is now possible to plan and optimize the usage of natural fertilizer and utilize the full potential of smart farming applications in connection with slurry applications.

“Previous extensive research in monitoring of nutrient values in natural fertilizer has mainly led to methods relying on measurements of electric conductivity or near-infrared spectroscopy. Opposed these techniques, our new NPK sensor unit offers direct measurements of NPK in all types of natural fertilizer distributed with a SAMSON slurry tanker, without the use of natural fertilizer databases for sensor correction and without user calibration.” Torben Larsen ends.

For further information, please contact:

Head of Sales Torben Larsen, SAMSON AGRO, Tel. +45 20711403, 

CEO Ole Jensen, NanoNord A/S, Tel. +45 96341590,

Hall 23, stand A35