October 2018 - SAMSON machines included in Farming Simulator 2019

- SAMSON AGRO management see this possibility as a huge opportunity

The new version of the well-known game, Farming Simulator 19, released November 20th by GIANTS Software include a wide range of machines from SAMSON AGRO. The first revealed were some of the big SAMSON machines, but later some of the smaller machines will be presented. In this way it is possible to support every player. No matter if they prefer the big or the smaller machines.

Farming Simulator is one of the most popular computer games in the world. According to GIANTS Software they have sold over 15 million copies of the game worldwide.

In August GIANTS Software revealed the first SAMSON machines to 1.000.000 followers on their social medias. This did not go unnoticed on SAMSONs Facebook site. The SAMSON followers have since been asking about which machines will be included and how realistic they will work in the game. GIANTS Software have programmed the new machines from the original drawings used in the SAMSON factory. So the likeness to the real machines will be very high. Also, it makes it possible to let some of the technical features on the machines work just like in real life.

Hope the fans will welcome the news

Lars Henriksen, CEO SAMSON AGRO, have wanted to join Farming Simulator for years.

“It’s a global game, that young people from the agricultural industry know of and often play in the countries SAMSON have an interest in. By joining SAMSON can profit from the mindshare this will generate among future customers. No doubt the branding value is very high.

 “Also, I am sure that everyone working for SAMSON AGRO – from the factory worker in Viborg, to the sellers, resellers, service workers in the field etc. – will consider SAMSON AGRO as a cool farm machine-manufacturer, since we now are included in Farming Simulator”.

“I hope, our customers, their employees and other fans will think the same”.

“Besides, Farming Simulator is a very realistic and positive learning game, that increase interest in working in the agricultural industry”, he ends.

Fantastic feedback from the players

GIANTS Software are also very positive for the new cooperation:

“We’re very glad to partner with SAMSON for several reasons. SAMSON has a lot of great products in the slurry and manure sector which we were looking to expand for Farming Simulator 19. The game is very popular in Denmark so it’s just a perfect fit because we can offer our community there a brand from their region. Since our players found out, the feedback has been nothing short of fantastic from every corner of the world, and we are sure they are going to enjoy playing with SAMSON machines when the game comes out”, says Thomas Frey, VP/Creative Director, GIANTS Software.

Photo 1

In the new version of Farming Simulator, SAMSON AGROs biggest slurry tanker the PG II 35 is included and can be mounted with the recently launched 36 m SHB4 drip hose boom.

Photo 2

The players can also find SAMSON muck spreaders.

Photo 3

The interest of a preview version of Farming Simulator 19 at the world's largest gaming event, Gamescom, held in Germany, was overwhelming. In Germany the game is called Landwirtschafts-Simulator.

Further questions:

Torben Larsen, Sales and Marketing manager, SAMSON AGRO, tla@samson-agro.com, Tel. +45 2071 1403

Thomas Frey, VP/Creative Director, GIANTS Software, tfrey@giants-software.com ,Tel. +41 (0)44 731 98 45