November 2022 - SAMSON launches section control on slurry tanker implements: Improves the efficiency of organic fertiliser application and reduce environmental impact

SAMSON AGRO A/S, based in Viborg in Denmark, is launching a new section control module for implements (drip hose booms, incorporators and injectors), SAMSON GSC (Generic Section Control). SAMSON GSC is a universal system that works with both SAMSON and non-SAMSON implements provided they are mounted on a SAMSON PG II Genesis slurry tanker with the SlurryMaster 8000 terminal.

SAMSON GSC makes it possible to customise 12 sections on any implement. These sections can be controlled manually via the joystick on the SlurryMaster 8000 or automatically when combined with an ISOBUS compatible GPS system with Section Control (TC-SC) also offered by SAMSON AGRO A/S.

SAMSON GSC improves application accuracy, user comfort and crop yield potential, because working with multiple individual sections secures that overlapping and overdosing of slurry is avoided in i.e wedges or close to field boundaries. Thus, plants benefit fully of the nutrients in the slurry via the precise application and leads to savings on the purchase of mineral fertiliser.

Avoid under- or overdosing plants and lower emissions

SAMSON GSC is easy to install with a one plug connection to the SAMSON PG II Genesis slurry tanker and SlurryMaster 8000. The size of each individual section is customized, adjusted and set up in the SlurryMaster 8000 together with hardware installed on the specific implement.

“We have developed a system that heightensthe efficiency of organic fertiliser application and reduce environmental impact. We wanted a system that allows users of our slurry tankers SAMSON PG II Genesis series to do precise application from the tractor seat via SlurryMaster 8000 no matter what implement they choose for the application. SAMSON GSC is very easy to install on both our own SAMSON implements as well as non-SAMSON implements“, explains Niels Hagemann Haubjerg, Product Manager for Slurry Technology at SAMSON AGRO.

Specific features of SAMSON GSC are tramline shut off control, precise start/stop situations in field and high precision application in wedges as well as sloping headlands. Together with TC-SC the section control can be carried out automatically based on GPS position.

The SAMSON GSC section control on implements will be launched for the 2022/23 season with sales for next season and will be available at all SAMSON dealers.

The solution is nominated for a SIMA Innovations Award.

The solution will have its official world premiere at the SIMA exhibition in France 6-10 November 2022 together with SAMSON GROUPs 2 other SIMA Innovations Awards nominations:

  • OPTI-SENSOR : first NPK analyser dedicated to manure on a solid spreader
  • ALTA : automatic selection according to slope inclination

To be discovered on the SAMSON GROUP stand HALL 7, ALLEY A, STAND 85

Photo: SAMSON GSC section control. Control of individual sections makes slurry application even more precise.