September 2021 - Samson Group A/S acquires 100% of the shares in Gøma A/S

On Friday 10 September, Samson Group A/S acquired 100% of the shares in Gøma A/S, thus making Gøma A/S a subsidiary in line with Samson Agro A/S, Samson Agrolize A/S, Samson Agro SASU (France) and Samson Agro Spzoo (Poland).

The intention behind the purchase of the shareholding, of course, is to consolidate Gøma A/S and Samson Agrolize A/S into a dealership organization that is even stronger together than if they continued to trade individually. The geographical focus will be Denmark, Sweden and Norway, for both Samson and Pichon products + selected third party agents.

Existing Samson Agro A/S dealers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway have been advised about the reasoning behind the takeover of Gøma A/S. The basis of the contract with these dealers will be respected, despite the fact that a number of negotiations are naturally taking place. 

Fertilizer legislation is being tightened in all European countries with significant animal production, with a focus on better utilization of the nutrients in natural fertilizer and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Harmonizing the fertilizer legislation will also lead to a harmonization of application technologies.

Likewise, the machinery for the application of natural fertilizer segment (slurry tankers, implements, booms and muck spreaders) is characterized by many small and nationally oriented manufacturers. The majority do not have the resources to fulfil the requirements for long-term product development based on the fertilizer legislation’s new framework conditions.

There will be no long-term impact for either end customers or Gøma A/S and Samson Agro A/S, as manufacturers competing in product development. There is also very little sense in using resources to develop products that your neighbour has already produced, instead of using their resources to move a step further than you otherwise would have done alone. This will benefit end customers, both in the domestic market and by increasing competitiveness in relation to new customers in other European markets.

Servicing our customers in the aftermarket (warranty, service, spare parts) with short lines of communication to the manufacturer’s specialists is a top priority. A consolidated partnership between Gøma A/S and Samson Agrolize A/S will be able to achieve this even better than they could manage individually. 

After almost 40 years, Gøma A/S and Samson Agro A/S split in the autumn of 2016. Two business models that in fact were a perfect match and complemented each other very well.

With the benefit of hindsight, we can now begin to look to the future together again!

Viborg, 15.09.2021