April 2018 - SAMSON AGRO is expanding

Increasing demand for machinery and spare parts requires more space. 

Things are going well for SAMSON AGRO at the moment. So well, in fact, that it's necessary to expand the existing production facilities of 18,500 m2 by an extra 4,500 m2. So there are now 2.3 hectares buildings.

"SAMSON AGRO is experiencing growth in nearly all markets. This is the result of a strategy to be more visible in these markets. This includes a larger dealer network covering several new areas. But also an increase in demonstration activities.

"In this way we gain access to more core customers, and once they have tested the machines, and noticed and seen the benefits they offer, the machines sell themselves", says Torben Larsen, Sales and Marketing Manager, SAMSON AGRO. 

The increased number of sold machines also results in an increased sale of spare parts. Which requires increased space for the production and storage of these spare parts.

Fast delivery also requires more space

He also points to another reason for the increasing growth:

"We have modern and flexible production facilities and have optimised production so we can deliver – even customer-specific – machines very quickly. It is important for our customers as they see that the period from having financed their new machines until they have to use them is becoming shorter and shorter."

"But if SAMSON is to continue offering short delivery times while keeping up with the growing demand, then more space is needed."

Stock goods and machines brought together

Two halls are being built, each measuring 30 x 75 m.

"The halls will preferably be used as component storage so that a larger part of the components can be produced in good time to be ready when the orders arrive," explains Torben Larsen.

At the same time, stock machines – more or less finished – will be stored in the new buildings. They were previously stored in a rented facility in Viborg.

More space for production machines

The existing production facilities in Viborg have evolved in various ways in recent years.

"We have invested in a range of state-of-the-art turning, laser and milling machines as well as in a number of metalworking machines. As a result we have been able to produce more and more of our components ourselves, and this has also required more space of course. But this means that we now produce over 85 percent of the components ourselves. This includes more complicated and unique items such as gearboxes, pumps and distributors," he says, concluding:

"With the investment in production machinery and square metres, SAMSON is preparing for the future development of the company."

For further information, please contact:

Sales and Marketing Manager Torben Larsen, SAMSON AGRO, Tel. +45 20711403, TLA@samson-agro.com