December 2017 - SAMSON AGRO at Lamma 2018

The Danish producer of muck spreaders and slurry tankers keep focus on the British market and hope to build a closer contact to British customers 

SAMSON AGRO participate in next years Lamma Exhibition in Peterborough the 17th and 18th January – stand number R70.

“We are expanding our presence on the British market and we are getting closer to existing and new customers through a new distribution network. SAMSON have a long history in England as a brand, that stands for high capacity, durability and quality, but many has still to see our latest developments and unique innovations”, says Torben Larsen, Sales and Marketing Manager, SAMSON AGRO.

The best machines for the environment

“SAMSON machines are developed to utilize the nutrients in natural fertilizers optimally. The Danish environmental legislation have for many years been very strict and demanded a very low discharge of the nutrients in natural fertilizers to the nature. This has for example lead to spreaders with one of the best spreading pattern in the market as well as a line-up of unique implements for spreading and incorporating slurry into the soil offering the nutrients to the plants in the best possible way”.

“So we have the machines for markets that experience an increased legislation to reduce the negative effects of natural fertilizers on the nature”, he says.

Market leading for the professional segment

The strict legislation in Denmark have also pushed the development towards larger contractors that specialize in the application of slurry and muck.

“This have created a demand for very strong, efficient and user friendly machines. This have also influenced the development of the SAMSON machines. Today SAMSON is one of the market leading producers of machines for this professional segment on all European markets. We also want to reach this segment on the British market. We have already got a good response on our new focus on the British market. We want this positive response to continue, and we will do this by expanding the dealer network in England”, Torben Larsen ends.

Photo 1
Svend Skov Olesen, sales manager, SAMSON AGRO, looks forward to welcome the Brittish customers on stand number R70 on next years Lamma Exhibition. He will be supported by representatives from the British dealer network.

Photo 2
SAMSON AGRO exhibit a SP 17 muck spreader and a PG II 20 slurry tanker with a 24 meter drip hose boom on Lamma 2018. Here you see the SP 17 muck spreader.