SAMSON US in Farming Simulator 22

The new version of the well-known game, Farming Simulator 22, released November 22th 2021 by GIANTS Software will not only include a wide range of slurry tankers and implements from SAMSON, but also the new SAMSON US universal spreader. 

GIANTS Software have programmed SAMSON US from the original drawings used in the SAMSON factory. So the likeness to the real machine will be very high. Also, it makes it possible to let some of the technical features on the machines work just like in real life.

We hope that everyone working for SAMSON – from the factory worker in Viborg, to the sellers, resellers, service workers in the field etc. will like the new game - and that our customers, their employees and other fans will do the same. Farming Simulator is a very realistic and positive learning game, that we believe increase interest in working in the agricultural industry.

Farming Simulator is one of the most popular computer games in the world with estimated 25 million sold copies of the game worldwide.