On August 1 2018 we are celebrating our 75th anniversary.

In 1943, a small local smithy near Viborg was transformed into “Fabriken Samson” (The Samson Factory). Even in the years leading up to 1943, minor forging work was carried out at the workshop in Tange, but on 1 August 1943, the direction of the company was focused entirely on the core products: manure spreaders and, later, vacuum tankers.

The inspiration for the company name came from the biblical Samson, known for his incredible strength.

Today, our principal activity continues to be the manufacture and marketing of machines and implements for outdoor handling of animal slurry and manure. The core products have gradually developed over the last 75 years to match market and customer demand, and today they consist mainly of slurry tankers and manure spreaders as well as drip hose booms and incorporators for professional customers in the agricultural sector.

Growth has recently generated a need for even more floor space at our headquarters in Viborg. A topping-out ceremony was just held for two new facilities totalling 4,500 square meters, and another large construction is in the works.

With a number of events over the course of the year, we will highlight the milestones, together with our employees, our partners and, of course, our numerous customers in Denmark and abroad, who have been so trusting and loyal for over seven decades.

During the anniversary year, we will share the company history on our website and on social media. You will be able to learn all about SAMSON, its past, present and future,

SAMSON AGRO - history - selected information

2018: SAMSON AGRO A/S celebrates its anniversary year.

2005: A brand new 18,500 m2 factory in Viborg opens. All expertise and production are based here.

2000: Samson changes its name to SAMSON AGRO, and the red product colour is replaced with the characteristic SAMSON green.

1999: Entrepreneur and estate owner Ove Glerup acquires share majority in Samson.

1960s: Development of vacuum tankers gathers momentum. The vacuum tankers are later developed for handling slurry.

1950s: The development of manure spreaders gathers momentum.

1943: “Fabriken Samson” (The Samson Factory) is founded on 1 August.

Photo: two new facilities at the headquarters in Viborg