Personal Data Policy on website

SAMSON AGROs Policy Concerning Personal Data of Customers and Cooperation Partners

General information about data

You can read more about how SAMSON AGRO processes personal data and cookies in this Personal Data Policy.

Personal data are any form of information about an identified or identifiable physical person. Personal data comprise information such as, e.g. customers’ contact details, searching behaviour and purchase history.  

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device when you navigate SAMSON AGROs websites. A cookie is used to register which one of our pages you are visiting and for how long, but does not give us any information about who you are. 

What personal data does SAMSON AGRO receive?

SAMSON AGRO registers data about you as a necessary part of the contractual relationship with you, including in connection with selling or purchasing products and services to and from you, respectively.

We ask our customers and cooperation partners about ordinary contact and possibly payment details and get information about their purchasing/sales history in connection with purchases and sales.

When you navigate SAMSON AGROs website, we collect information about your IP address, your browser and possibly your user name as well as about which one of our pages you are navigating and when.

If you do not want SAMSON AGRO to process your personal data, this can impede the purchasing of goods or services from us.

What are the personal data used for?

SAMSON AGRO uses your data for performing our agreement with you.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we will send you newsletters by email.

Information about your navigation of our website is only used for compiling statistics, which can be used, among other things, for improving the make-up of our website.

SAMSON AGRO exclusively processes information about you in order to be able to fulfill our obligations to you as a contractual party.

To whom does SAMSON AGRO disclose personal data?

We use the personal data that you have submitted to SAMSON AGRO within the framework of an agreement in order to perform the agreement with you. We do not disclose your data unless this is part of the agreement with you.

For example, if you get a warranty from the manufacturer along with the purchase, information about your name, address and purchase will be submitted to the product manufacturer, who will use the information to establish the warranty. If you subsequently want to take advantage of the warranty, it will typically make it possible for relevant parts of your contact details, purchase history and reason for the use of the warranty provision to be transferred to the manufacturer of the product that is covered by this warranty. Some, but not all, of the importers and manufacturers of our products are based in the EU.

Another example is leasing. If you want to instead research the opportunities for leasing in connection with a purchase, SAMSON AGRO can, as part of the agreement with you, disclose the information from a preliminary purchase agreement with you to the leasing company/companies we cooperate with.

Moreover, your personal data are not disclosed, nor sold to third parties. 

How are your data protected?

SAMSON AGRO is obliged to ensure the protection of your data. SAMSON AGRO takes security measures to ensure that data are not accidentally destroyed, lost or impaired, nor disclosed to unauthorised persons, misused or otherwise processed in contravention of the law.

Your data are corrected if we discover errors in them and deleted if we are no longer under a duty to store them and otherwise, when they are no longer relevant, usually five years after the discontinuation of your membership or last contact in connection with the purchase of products or services.

Information about cookies

Cookies are used to improve our website. When you use our website, you accept SAMSON AGROs use of cookies. Cookies are deleted a couple of months after your last visit.

If you want to delete or block cookies, you can consult the following guidelines:

Your rights

You are always entitled to know what information we have registered about you and receive a copy of your data. You are also entitled to data portability, wherever relevant. Moreover, the personal data legislation allows you to demand that incorrect data be corrected, object to the processing or request that your data be restricted – or deleted, if we are not obliged to process them.

If you have questions concerning SAMSON AGROs processing of your data or the use of cookies by our website or would like to get more information, you can contact SAMSON AGRO by telephone, email or post. Our contact details are stated on our website.

If you want, after contacting SAMSON AGRO to complain about the company’s processing of your personal data, you are entitled to submit a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Authority.