PGV series

The PGV slurry tanker is characterized by the unique combination of vacuum- and centrifugal pumps, which ensures a high degree of flexibility and pumping capacity. Thanks to the three filling solutions: 1. Vacuum pumping, 2. Centrifugal pumping, 3. Combination of vacuum- and centrifugal pumping, the PGV can pump all different types of liquids from almost any kind of storage facility.

The PGV is equipped with a liquid-ring-pump instead of a traditional vacuum pump, and this has several good reasons. The liquid-ring-pump driven by water and the stainless steel rotor makes it a very reliable pump because there is no mechanical contact between the components. This results in a minimal risk for breakdown and hardly any service costs. The high capacity of the liquid-ring-pump is 21.000 L/min. (air), in combination with the high capacity centrifugal pump(8.000-12.000 L/min. in water), ensures an impressive filling capacity of the PGV.

PGV 20