September 2016 - The PG Slurry Tanker Retires – PG II Takes Over

After 16 years’ production of PG slurry tankers the delivery of the last PG slurry tanker was celebrated recently by a party for SAMSON AGRO employees...

SAMSON AGRO started the production of the PG slurry tankers in 2000 and since then approx. 2,000 units have left the factory.

“The PG slurry tanker has performed really well through all these years. It is remarkable that it has performed for so many years – of course with updates from time to time. But we must admit that it was designed correctly right from the start. We are very proud of the fact that these tankers have spread millions and millions of m³ of slurry in all these years”, says Lars Henriksen, Managing Director of SAMSON AGRO.

At the same time he sends a lot of warm thoughts to Jens Ove Sørensen – also known as JOS. He is the man behind the JOS slurry tankers in Langaa, which was one of the four companies in the merge in 1999 that created SAMSON AGRO. And it was his slurry tanker model that formed the basis of the PG tanker. Unfortunately he was not able to attend the party as he was not well.

“JOS has a very comprehensive knowledge about slurry tanker. He knows how a slurry tanker is operated in the field, and he knows a lot about how materials are functioning and reacting and he knows how to reach the best solutions in practice. Therefore our research and development people have profited from his comprehensive knowhow during the development process of the PG II slurry tanker. And we have already sold a three-figured number of units of this model”, he continued and in JOS’ absence he then gave the present for JOS to one of “JOS’ boys” Ronald Jensen, supervisor at SAMSON AGRO, who - like many of the other employees from JOS – is still working with SAMSON AGRO and stays in contact with JOS. 

The first tankers of the PG II series – the big 3 axled PG II slurry tankers – were launched in 2013.

20 km of PG slurry tankers
During the first years the manufacture of the PG slurry tankers took place at the old Samson factory in Tange. But the majority of the 2,000 units have been manufactured at the new facility in Viborg which was inaugurated in 2005. Here there are almost 2 hectares under roof. And right now SAMSON AGRO is applying for permission to increase the production facilities.

“If you place all PG slurry tankers in a long row, this row will almost fill the way of approx. 20 km to Ove Glerup at Lynnerupgaard”, said Lars Henriksen and smiled at Ove Glerup, who also attended the party.

Ove Glerup was the principal mastermind of the purchase and the merge of the four companies, all manufacturing machines and solutions for handling and spreading slurry and manure. Therefore a merge of the four companies with their combined knowhow was an obvious reason to create the foundation for a future-proof company that can help agriculture throughout the world with the tasks of handling and spreading muck and other nutrient rich material in the fields. A task which was predicted to grow in the same pace as animal production as a result of the increasing wealth in the world.   

SAMSON AGRO is in the process of solving the task. Of course many PG slurry tankers operate in Denmark, but you can also meet them in the majority of European countries and as far away as in Russia and China.

Majority of PG 25
There is no doubt that the PG 25 has been the best selling model ever for SAMSON AGRO with a production of more than 1,000 units in the past 16 years. The PG series includes 5 models: The 2-axled PG 15, PG 18 and PG 20 and the 3-axled PG 21 and 25.

A big red bow was decorating the last PG 25 slurry tanker at the tanker assembly line of the factory in Viborg, where the “farewell party” was held. As a symbolic gesture Lars Henriksen sent the PG 25 off while the 180 employees together with Ove Glerup was applauding while it left the assembly hall.

Next thing was that the new PG II 25 arrived in the assembly hall. This model was launched in the spring of 2016 and is available for delivery for the new slurry season.

”With the PG II 25 model the PG 25 slurry tanker is now designed for optimal use today and many years ahead. Farmers require tankers that are stronger, that can operate larger implements and that can match the larger and larger tractors. Farmers need tankers that are reliable, have better comfort, and that are fitted with advanced technology, which can provide the documentation, etc. requested by authorities today. The PG slurry tanker is still a good slurry tanker, but conditions within agriculture have changed and keep changing. The PG II series meet all these new requirements.”

The PG II series is now available in 8 models. Three 2-axled models: PG II 16, PG II 18 and PG II 20 and the five 3-axled models: PG II 21, PG II 25; PG II 27, PG II 31 and PG II 35. Since the introduction of the PG II slurry tankers in 2013 they have slowly taken over the sales of PG slurry tankers – both in Denmark and abroad. The PG II series is developed to meet the requirements of SAMSON AGRO’s customers for future-proof slurry tankers.

The first PG 25 slurry tanker is still operating in Sweden
A bit of research made by Søren Hansen, former service technician and now salesman at SAMSON AGRO, has shown that the first PG 25 tanker is still operating in Sweden. Originally it was sold to Poul S. Poulsen in Hurup by Maskinhandler Indkøbsringen (MI) and the distributor J. Hundahl in Thisted. In February 2016 J. Hundahl again became distributor of SAMSON AGRO machines after a pause.